5 Reasons Why You Should Wear A Fanny Pack

Can you believe a fanny pack was first introduced in the early 80s? Carried on through the 90s? And let's not forget about the early 00s. Well, the trend was brought back a couple of years ago and I'm pretty sure it's here to stay. 


When I think of fanny packs, I immediately think of all things old school, and I love it. Fanny packs are a great addition to anyone's closet, and we have got you covered for all of your looks this season.

Reasons why you SHOULD wear fanny packs:

Reason #1 

All of your items will be in one place - Aren't you tired of having your cell phone in one pocket, wallet in another pocked, and everything in between? A fanny pack will keep all of your goodies in one place. 

Reason #2

SUPER STYLISH - Duh! Real fashionistas know what I mean! If you are feeling triggered, I definitely suggest you get to ordering a fanny pack. 

Reason #3

Hands free - "Look ma, no hands," a fanny pack requires absolutely no hands to really use it. You can literally just put it on your waist or across your body and you are good to go. 

Reason #4

Travel, festival, theme park, and morning walk ready - My favorite place to wear a fanny pack is a sporting event. It is a game day must have! Especially when you are in bigger crowds and don't want to worry about physically carrying your belongings. 

Reason #5

It's fine if your best friend is an accessory - The ultimate accessory at that! Idk why you are still reading instead of purchasing. A fanny pack is the ultimate must have!

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