Our Founder

Meet Saria Parker, the driving force behind Sportsimist. With a background in the NBA, Fanatics, and NASCAR, Saria, armed with degrees in Fashion Merchandising and Human Relations, breaks barriers.

Originally from Virginia Beach, now rooted in Charlotte, Saria noticed the lack of representation for women like herself in sports front-office roles. This realization fueled the vision for Sportsimist—a global brand empowering women in sports.

Our mission: create a World where Women in Sports feel seen, valued, and supported. More than a brand. This is a movement.

Our Mission

Creating a World where Women in Sports feel seen, valued, and supported.

Our Community

Our community is a powerhouse of Women in Sports— where Women in Sports are not just supporters but the heartbeat of Sportsimist. Diverse, resilient, and united by a passion for sports, touching every stage of a woman's journey in the sports industry. A movement that celebrates and empowers the entire lifecycle of women in sports.

Our Products

At Sportsimist, our collection of products are created with woman in sports at the forefront. Whether you're seeking a sophisticated crewneck for a polished office look or our coveted best-selling denim jacket to effortlessly elevate your style on game day, our offerings are designed to meet the diverse lifestyles of women who are making their mark in the sports industry. The perfect addition for every season in sports.


We see you. We value you. We support you.